God’s Provision

In the seventh chapter of 2 Samuel, we learn that David has a desire to build the Lord a house to dwell in, he states to the prophet Nathan that “…I dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark of God dwells in a tent” (2 Sam 7:2).  Although the reasoning behind David’s thought is not explicitly stated in the Bible, it is safe to deduce that David felt that a tent was not a place fit for the God of Israel, when he (David) the king lived in a house of cedar.  A few verses down we learn that God speaks to Nathan the prophet and charges David with the task of building the temple, a task that is later removed from David and placed upon Solomon because of the bloodshed David caused before the Lord on earth (1 Chro 22:7-8).

In 1 Chro 29:2-5 David speaks of his offering for the construction of the Temple out of his kingdom’s riches, and especially out of his own personal wealth.  He challenges the people of Israel to give and to give joyfully and wholeheartedly (1 Chro 29:6).  The people respond and give abundantly, David rejoices and praises God for his greatness, and gives God the recognition for all their blessings (1 Chro 29:12-15).  You see, David realized that all we are and all that we have comes from God.  He blesses us so that we can be a blessing, not so we can hoard wealth for our own family’s enjoyment alone.  God set David apart to build his Kingdom; throughout David’s reign he protected and blessed David.  Much of the wealth David had acquired was provided through plunders of war, just as God provided gold and silver for the people of Israel when they left Egypt (Exodus 11:2-3).  When God calls us to serve him (regardless of the capacity), He is faithful to provide (whether it be financially or with abilities) so that we can accomplish what we were called to do.  All that we are and all that we have comes from Him alone.  God takes pleasure in uprightness and our uprightness is displayed when we freely and joyfully give onto the Lord out of His blessings to us (see 1 Chro 29:16-17).

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I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, missionary, and Online Instructor for LU Online teaching Introduction to Missions. My family and I serve at Living Bread Ministries; planting churches among the desperately poor in South America. I have an MA in Intercultural Studies from LBTS. My passion is to see the Lord Jesus worshiped among the poor and needy and to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.
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