Spiritism in Brazil – Part Five

Although these posts are not all inclusive of the different facets of animism, and only a surface scratch has been made to seek to understand Spiritism in Brazil, many issues have been raised that need to be taken in full account for those going to minister among animists. Whether we are one half of the way around the world, or right in our own neighborhood, chances are we will come in contact with someone who has or had dealings with animism of some type.  It is important that we live intentionally looking for opportunities to share the Salvation Jesus Christ offers.

When the Gospel is not well contextualized, syncretism will occur.  Once that happens it makes it that much harder for the individual to come to an understanding of Scripture.  Having said that we must not forget who sits on the throne and works through the Holy Spirit to convict and draw people to Himself.  When going to the mission field, foreign or domestic, we must make sure that we have prepared ourselves spiritually through prayer and ask God to open our hearts and our minds to understand their worldview and that He will communicate His message through us.  He equips those whom He calls.

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I am a Christ follower, wife, mother, missionary, and Online Instructor for LU Online teaching Introduction to Missions. My family and I serve at Living Bread Ministries; planting churches among the desperately poor in South America. I have an MA in Intercultural Studies from LBTS. My passion is to see the Lord Jesus worshiped among the poor and needy and to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.
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